EMCCD Image Sensor

1920 (H) x 1080 (V) Interline Transfer EMCCD Image Sensor


The KAE-02150 Image Sensor is a 1080p (1920 Χ 1080) CCD in a 2/3? optical format that provides exceptional imaging performance in extreme low light applications. Each of the sensor’s four outputs incorporate both a conventional horizontal CCD register and a high gain EMCCD register. An intra-scene switchable gain feature samples each charge packet on a pixel-by-pixel basis. This enables the camera system to determine whether the charge will be routed through the normal gain output or the EMCCD output based on a user selectable threshold. This feature enables imaging in extreme low light, even when bright objects are within a dark scene, allowing a single camera to capture quality images from sunlight to starlight.



                                                           • Intra-Scene Switchable Gain

                                                           • Wide Dynamic Range

                                                           • Low Noise Architecture

                                                           • Exceptional Low Light Imaging

                                                           • Global Shutter

                                                           • Excellent Image Uniformity and MTF

                                                           • Bayer Color Pattern and Monochrome


                                                            • Surveillance

                                                            • Scientific Imaging

                                                            • Medical Imaging

                                                            • Intelligent Transportation


    Product Description Megapixels Frame Rate (fps) Optical Format Shutter Type Pixel Size (µm) Download Datasheet
KAE-02150 Interline Transfer EMCCD Image Sensor, 2.1 MP 2.1 30 2/3 inch Electronic 5.5 x 5.5 Download


OEM/Custom Camera:

BalaJi MicroTechnologies (BMT) holds strong expertise in OEM/custom design & development. Projects may include developing complete machine vision solution, or portion of it. BMT leverages its unique experience and expertise built over the years to offer research and development services to solve complex image processing problems and build innovative machine vision based solutions for OEM applications.